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Sahar Services UK Ltd is a private limited company registered with the Company House in England & Wales, with company registration: 12419963. Sahar Services UK LTD is registered as a financial institution with the FCA, FCA number: 925128 and is registered and regulated by HMRC, HMRC MLR Number: XWML00000150697. Sahar Services UK Ltd was founded on 23rd January 2020 with a vision to provide cost effective and better service with regards to home remittance to the communities who work hard to support their loved ones, family and friends. The main objective of the company is to ensure that we are compliant in every step of the way and that all customers receive the best pay-out for their hard-earned money. We are aiming to reach every milestone with integrity and hard work. We are all properly trained and regulated for the services we provide and are committed to serve even better

We look forward to enhance the growth opportunities of our business keeping in consideration to comply with the neccesary business policies that are established by the regulatory authorities, in order to avoid any kind of fraudelence. We make sure all the data is handled in the most secured and transparent manner.
In-line with our ambhitions offering the most cost effective remittance service, we are committed to be recognised as one of the most reliable payment institution in the UK.
We aim to transfer your funds via your feedback and co-operation to avoid money laundering and terrorist financing activity.  We have stringent policies and procedures in place to be able to identify any suspicious activity
  • Educating our staff and providing them with all the necessary materials to keep up the quality standards
  • To establish a flaw-less system to eradicate all sorts of financial  uncertainities
  • Ensuring a secure medium of processing the payments and transactions
We believe compliance is the back bone of our business. taking care of its implementation is what helps our business to survive in the most meaningful way. We are constantly taking necessary efforts to gradually refining our compliance strategies by under-going and providing ongoing training to all our staff before they joins us and on regular basis. Compliance is not a barrier, it is an enabler.  We take utmost care to apply proper and required compliance to all our customers whether it be regarding KYC, KYB, AML, Enhanced due diligence, ongoing monitoring and etc

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